Fundraising is a necessary component to keeping the costs of our programs down, making it affordable for families.


Volunteer Requirements:

Participation in fundraising is mandatory for the families of each skater in the STARSkate Prep (two days a week) and STARSkate programs.


If a family has more than one skater in either of these programs, a fundraising commitment is required for each skater.


Skaters who join ASC part way through the year will have their fundraising commitment pro-rated.


Usually we have more options for families to volunteer, but during COVID, we have had to amend this.

We require all skating families to complete at least 8 volunteer credits by April 2021.

If credits are not completed, a cheque / payment will be requested for $250 from the family.

Cheques are not being collected in the fall as handling of cash/cheques is being minimized during this time.

Fundraising & Volunteer Opportunities 2020/2021

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