Fundraising is a necessary component to keeping the costs of our programs down, making it affordable for families.


Volunteer Requirements:

There are a minimum number of volunteer credits that must be completed by May 2019.  A cheque in the amount of $250 for STARSkate Prep and $350 for STARSkate will need to be submitted upon registering for our programs and will only be cashed if your volunteer commitments have not been completed.

Star Skate Prep = Requires 6 credits ($250 volunteer cheque)

Star Skate = Requires 12 credits ($350 volunteer cheque)

​Competitive Star Skaters = Requires 12 credits ($350 volunteer cheque)


Fundraising Opportunities:

Fundraising is an opportunity to have your child participate in a fun, team building activity that helps to raise funds to off-set skating costs for families.  The ASC uses our portion of funds raised through such events to off-set admin costs, pay for on and off-ice equipment and provide skill building opportunities for our athletes. You will see in the Volunteering & Fundraising plan that the activities that earn credits towards your volunteer requirements are highlighted.


You will also see some optional fundraising detailed. These are arranged by the club and skating participants will receive 70% of the total profits which will be credited into the member account.

Fundraising Policy:


Participation in fundraising is mandatory for the families of each skater in the STARSkate Prep and STARSkate programs. If a family has more than one skater in either of these programs, a fundraising commitment is required for each skater. A mandatory fundraising cheque, dated for December 1st of that year, is required for every STARSkate Prep or STARSkater at the time of registration. If the cheque is not received before the first day of skating, the skater will not be allowed to step on the ice.


The amount of the fundraising deposit cheque will be set annually by the Board. If families meet the mandatory fundraising initiative, the cheque will not be cashed on February 1st. The cheque will only be cashed if you choose not to participate or you do not complete the fundraising requirements as outlined. Examples of past club fundraisers include casinos, raffles or competitions. Families may also meet their fundraising requirements by volunteering in various capacities. These volunteer opportunities will be determined by the Board on an annual basis.


Skaters who join ASC part way through the year will have their fundraising commitment pro-rated.


Skaters who are moved up from CanSkate to STARSkate Prep in January will be exempt from the fundraising requirement for that season.

Airdrie Skating Club Holiday Season WINE Down Fundraiser 2019 

Our next profit-sharing fundraiser is Holiday Season WINE Down!  For each team of 4 people you get to participate you will receive a $25 credit to your account. Please see rules and details below: 
This fundraiser is an optional, profit sharing opportunity for Airdrie Skating Club members and their families and friends. The member will receive $25 for every team sold. Please contact a member if you are interested!  
1. Entry fee is $100 per team of four members. Ticket cost includes entry fee and the cost of wine, which will be purchased by the ASC  2. 90 books will be printed. 3. Registration (ticket sales) runs from November 1 – December 1 and are available for purchase in Uplifter at register.airdrieskatingclub.com under “Purchase Products”  4. Each team must come up with a FESTIVE team name and there will be a prize for best name and will be voted on by an independent group of people. 5. The team name and all four team members’ names MUST be listed in the Comments section at time of purchase.  6. Winners will be 1st and 2nd place with 3rd reserved for the best team name  7. Elimination draws run from December 9-13 during the last week of lessons. Winners will be drawn at Genesis Place at 4:00 PM December 13 on our last day of lessons 8. Number of names drawn each day will be dependent on number of entries.  9. Last person to survive the draw becomes the winner and their team wins the top prize (most wine).  10. Second last person to survive the draw wins 2nd place  11. Third place winner will be the team that wins Best Festive Team Name (unless there are not enough entries, in which case the 2nd place winner will default to Best Team) 
This is an individual fundraising event for ASC & its members (AGLC #545191)  
If you have any questions, please let us know  

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