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The Airdrie Skating Club has a wonderful group of Skate Canada Professionally trained coaches, dedicated to offering our members the best value for their money.  We have very high regard for our coaching team and value their expertise, passion and commitment to excellence.  Please take a few minutes to get to know our coaches and feel free to contact Lynnell Moss, our Director of Skating, for any questions you may have.


Beginning September 2016, all members will receive the benefits of team coaching.  The Team Coaching structure strengthens overall performance by leveraging individual skills and improving upon weaknesses.  The process is designed to maximize team performance, strengthen relationships and, ultimately, provide the foundation for the coaches and athletes to perform to their highest potential.


Who is on the Team?

Lynnell Moss  |  Kelly Kirby   |  Chalsie Doiron   |  Shannon Misiewicz   |   Jayde Stewart   |   Dayton Stewart

There may be additional coaches that come in for special training when required


Lynnell Moss

Director of Skating


  • Calgary Sports Institute Advanced Coaching Diploma

  • NCCP Competitive Development Trained

  • NCCP National - Certified

  • NCCP Provincial - Certified

  • NCCP Regional - Certified

  • NCCP CanSkate - Certified

  • Fundamental Movement Trained

  • NCCP CanPowerSkate - Certified


Personal Achievements:

  • 2012 Recipient of Skate Canada Club & Recreational Coach Award of Excellence

  • Currently attending Sport Science Centre for Adv. Coach Diploma

  • Quad Gold Tests & Juvenile/Pre-Novice/Novice Competitive Tests with Skaters

  • 21 Years Coaching Experience

  • Attend applicable seminars and conferences every year


Kelly Kirby

ASC Team Coach, Intro to Figure Skating Coordinator


  • NCCP National - Trained

  • NCCP Provincial - Certified

  • NCCP Regional - Certified

  • NCCP CanSkate - Certified


Personal Achievements:

  • Gold Figures, Freeskate & Dance

  • Novice Competitive Singles

  • Skating Skills Class 1

  • Bronze Rhythm Dance

  • Junior Competitive Dance

  • Novice Competitive Pair

  • First Amateur Skater of the Vernon Figure Skating Club to achieve Triple Gold

  • Competed at BC/TY Sectional Championships in Singles, Pairs, Fours & Precision Skating

  • Competitive & Quad Gold Tests with Skaters

  • 40 Years Coaching Experience


Chalsie Doiron

ASC Team Coach, CanSkate Coordinator & CanPowerSkate Coordinator


  • NCCP Provincial - Certified

  • NCCP Regional - Certified

  • NCCP CanSkate - Certified

  • NCCP CanPowerSkate - Certified


Personal Achievements:

  • Skate Alberta/NWT 2021 Coach Volunteer Award

  • 15 Years coaching

  • Gold Freeskate, Skills & Dance

  • Silver Interpretive

  • 10 Years Skating Experience

  • 2 Years Competitive Skating Experience

  • Analyze Technical and Tactical Performance Completed


Shannon Misiewicz

ASC Team Coach, CanSkate Coach, CanPowerSkate Coach, & Adult Skate Coordinator


  • NCCP Canskate - Certified

  • NCCP  STARskate Regional Certified

  • 5 year British national Team Figure Skater

  • 4 year British International competitor

  • Gold Free skate, Elements and Field moves

  • 5 years UK coaching (Tiny Tots- Adult)

  • Bachelors in Business Management


Personal Achievements:

  • 4 Year British Championship Competitor and Medalist

  • Miadost Trophy Zagreb Croation International Competition - British Team - 6TH Place.

  • Austria International Competition - NISA - British Team - 6TH Place.

  • ISU - Austria Training Camp British Team.

  • Finlandia International Competition - 1ST Place British Team.

  • Finlandia Camp- NISA - British Camp.

  • Belgium International ISU – NISA - 4TH Place.

  • Youngest child to gain Gold Elements test in the UK.

  • Annie's Edges Seminars completed yearly.

  • Torvill and Dean Camp (NISA - BRITISH TEAM INVITE).

  • Frank Carrol Training Camp (NISA - British Team invite).

  • Robin Cousins Training Camp (NISA - British Team invite).

  • Steven Cousins Training Camp (NISA - British Team invite).

  • Rafael Arutyunyan Training Camp

  • 15 years skating experience.

  • 12 years competitive experience.


Nicole Obermajer

CanSkate Coach

Description Coming


Denise Reid

CanSkate Coach

Description Coming


Crystal Dreyer

CanSkate Coach


  • NCCP CanSkate Coach Certified 

  • NCCP Regional Coach Trained

  • NCCP CanPowerSkate Certified

  • NCCP Hockey Canada Skating L1 Trained

Personal Achievements:

  • 15 years skating experience 

  • Jr. Silver (Skills)

  • 3 years synchronized skating experience with Black Gold Synchronized Skating Club

  • 11 years of coaching in learn to skate programs for all ages

  • Experience in teaching beginner figure skating and hockey / power skating programs


Rhonda Grenier

CanSkate and CanPowerSkate Coach

Description Coming


Dayton Stewart

ASC Team Coach

Specializing in Dance and Dance Partnering


Jayde Stewart

ASC Team Coach

Specializing in Dance

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