ASC is a not-for-profit organization and a Skate Canada sanctioned club.  We are proud to have been teaching children in and around Airdrie how to skate for over 38 years!


We are a rapidly growing organization with a very strong volunteer base.  ASC is honoured and excited to have the opportunity to teach your children how to skate in a fun and safe environment.  As a member of Skate Canada, we are committed to following their guidelines to bring children a well balanced program and to staying current in our approach.

ASC Executive Board

The Airdrie Skating Club is a board-run club with a very dedicated and talented team of volunteers, who work hard all year long to ensure things run smoothly.  If you are interested in joining the board, please contact our President, Debra Dolhun, at president@airdrieskatingclub.com

Debra Dolhun

Debra Dolhun President (403) 948-4230 president@airdrieskatingclub.com

Airdrie Skating Club

Vice President

Annette Loff

Annette Loff Treasurer

Tara Vatcher

Tara Vatcher Director/Fundraising

Lynnell Moss

Lynnell Moss Director of Skating (403) 585-3986 directorofskating@airdrieskatingclub.com

Tammy Schmidt

Tammy Schmidt Coaches Rep

Janine Hauk

Janine Hauk ASC Administrator (403) 948-4230 admin@airdrieskatingclub.com

Chalsie Doiron

Chalsie Doiron Registrar

Krista Hannah

Krista Hannah Director

Robyn Parsons

Robyn Parsons Director

Keri Keough

Keri Keough Secretary

Kelly Kirby

Kelly Kirby Program Assistant Coordinator