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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


My child wants to start skating and has never skated before.  Where do we start?


Our Pre-CanSkate program is the most common program for absolute beginners, and children 4 years or older are able to enter it. If you wish to start your child at 3 years old, it would have to be in the Parent n' Tot program (caregivers would have to purchase insurance and need skates to be on the ice with their skater). The Pre-CanSkate generally has skaters from 4-10 years old. Skaters older than 10 (even beginners) are recommended to join the Teen Skate program.


How old does my child have to be to start lessons?


Children must be 4 years of age at the start of their registered program.  A child of 3 years of age can start in our Parent n' Tot program with a registered parent/guardian who is required to wear a CSA approved helmet and skates on the ice

How is my child evaluated?


For CanSkate, CanPower, and Intro to Figure programs, coaches begin doing evaluations on weeks 4 or 5, once they have a balance of groups on the ice.  Skaters are continuously evaluated, and will be placed in groups with other skaters based on: skills, speed, age, etc. Skaters may move groups during the session at the coaches discretion.  If a skater would be better suited for a different program, you will be contacted directly by a coach. 

At the end of ten week (or longer) sessions, skaters receive a progress report. Skaters who are in 5 week sessions, or who register late, do not receive progress report cards.


What if I have concerns about the coaching of my child?


Please talk to one of our coaches directly, and they will either address your concern or pass it on to the program coordinator. Our coaches want to make skating a very positive experience for your child(ren) so if you have concerns, please don’t hesitate to approach them.  For coach contact information, please see the Coaches section of this website. Please only approach our coaches, not our program assistants.


My child wants to play hockey/ringette but they have never skated before, where do I put them?

If your child has no skating experience, they must start and pass the PreCanSkate program, before moving into CanPower Initiation. See the program descriptions for more information. CanPower Initiation will continue to teach the basics of skating, as they pertain to a hockey or ringette skater, and incorporates the use of stick, as well as the opportunity to play with pucks/rings.

Skaters may be moved based on coaches discretion, to a program that best suits their age and abilities. 

When do lessons start?


ASC programs now run all year long.  Our Fall programs start in September, our Winter programs start in January, our Spring programs start in April and Summer programs (if there is interest) start in July.  We also have CanPowerSkate camps beginning in August.  Please visit our Registration Calendar for more specific information.


What equipment does my child need?


All CanSkate skaters need skates (either figure skates or hockey skates depending on where you want your child to progress to), a proper fitting CSA approved hockey helmet (with or without the mask – although we recommend the mask), ski pants, a warm jacket and mittens that won’t stick to the ice.  We recommend warm clothing as the rink can be quite cold; however, the helmet, skates and mittens are MANDATORY. (No hockey sticks on CanSkate ice)


CanPower Initiation skaters can bring their own stick. Helmet cage is mandatory due to the use of sticks/pucks/rings. Full hockey/ringette gear is optional for skaters under 6 years, skaters over 6 years must have gear.


CanPower Intermediate/Advanced skaters MUST have a cage on their helmet with a stick and full hockey/ringette equipment is mandatory.

Can parents go on the ice?


No. Parents/Guardians are not allowed on the ice unless they are registered with Skate Canada (i.e. Parent n' Tot Program) and have the permission of the Coach.  We have several Program Assistants to help with each session. 

What kind of fundraising does the Club do?


There is no fundraising obligation for parents of skaters in CanSkate and CanPowerSkate programs.  Fundraising/Volunteer Commitments begin at the Intro to Figure Skating level.  To keep the cost as low as possible fundraising is a necessary reality.  For more detailed information on this season’s fundraising initiatives, please visit our Volunteer Commitment page. The type of fundraising and requirements vary from season to season.

What forms of payment do you accept?


ASC now has online registration and that is the only method of registering for our programs.  We only accept credit card or pre-paid credit payment online.

What if I missed the registration dates?


ASC now has online registration and you will have the ability to see if programs still have openings and be able to register if there is room.

My child wants to take figure skating, what program do I register them for?


If your child does not have any skating experience, they will need to start off in our PreCanSkate/CanSkate program.  As they progress and after completing CanSkate levels 1-3, they will eventually be invited into the Intro to Figure Skating program.  These programs introduce the skater to the fundamental skills necessary to begin either a recreational or competitive figure skating career.

How soon do I need to pay for my child's skating?


Payment is required before the start of the program, however, you can choose to pay in installments online.

What do I do if I forget my password on my online registration account?


Please email our Administrator to have your password reset.

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