Message from Lisa Hardy, Executive Director
Skate Canada Alberta-NWT/Nunavut:

I am pleased to introduce Phase 2 of Return to Skating!
Skate Canada has created Program Requirements and Delivery Standards with COVID considerations for CanSKATE, CanPowerSkate, STAR 1 – 5 and custom programs offered by Skate Canada Clubs and Skating Schools. We have adapted these guidelines to fit within our Phase 2 Return to Skating Protocols and both are now available to all Section Clubs and Skating Schools.
COVID-19 Programming Changes
  • No PreCanSkate is to be offered at this time (Skate Canada Guidelines).
  • All skaters must have a completed waiver signed before registering (can be uploaded to participants profile).
  • Daily health and background screening must be completed prior to each session (online).
  • Social distancing is in place at all arenas, on and off the ice.
  • No spectators are allowed during sessions at this time.
  • All coaches are required to wear masks at this time.
skater checklist.png